Welcome To Gaming

A book about Video Games and Gaming Culture
Written for non-gamers

This is a finished book seeking publication

Hi, and thank you for your interest in Welcome To Gaming! 
This is a bit of a passion project of mine and I am very excited to make it a reality. 

If you are interested, take a look at the chapter list to see what topics I cover,, my query letter, or a few of my excerpts and feel free to contact me at 8bitbethgaming@gmail.com  


Forward – Welcome to the Game
  Recommendations and Thanks |
Introduction – What it means to be a Nerd         

Part I – How to Approach Gaming Culture
                Chapter 1 – First Contact 
                Chapter 2 – Gamer Friends – A How to Guide                    
                Chapter 3 – Don’t Feed the Trolls – Dealing with Problematic Gamers
                Chapter 4 – Game! - It’s a Verb!

Part II – How We Game                
                Chapter 5 – Hardware – What we Game On
                Chapter 6 – Console Gaming        
                Chapter 7 – Computer Gaming
                Chapter 8 – Mobile and Handheld Gaming          
                Chapter 9 – How we Buy Our Games Wrap up

PART III – What we Play               
                Chapter 10 – Introducing Game Genres
                Chapter 11 – Conventional Genres         
                Chapter 12 – Unconventional and New Genres
                Chapter 13 – Tags, Terms, and Recommendations  

Part IV – Learning to Game 
                Chapter 14 – Introduction to Basic Gaming Literacy
                Chapter 15 – Controllers and Game World Learning        
                Chapter 16 – The Nature of Convention               
                Chapter 17 – Game Control Convention               
                Chapter 18 – Gameplay Convention and Understanding What You See
                Chapter 19 – Game Goals and Where to Find Them        
                                Game Literacy Wrap-Up 

Part V – Why We Game |
                Chapter 20 – The Vilification of Gaming
                Chapter 21 –Reasons to Game: An Introduction To Bartle’s Taxonomy   
                Chapter 22 – Games as Achievement
                Chapter 23 – Games as Exploration         
                Chapter 24 – Games as Dominance           
                Chapter 25 – Games as Community          
                Chapter 26 – Games for Thinkers               
                                Section Closing – Final Thoughts  

Part VI – Gaming for Good            
                Chapter 27 – Violence in Games
                Chapter 28 – The ESRB and Understanding Game Ratings               
                Chapter 29 – Socialization and the Gamer
                Chapter 30 – Physical Health and Games                
                Chapter 31 – Cognitive Health and Games
                Chapter 32 – Games and Self Efficacy
                Chapter 33 – Gaming Addiction or Compulsion
                                Final Thoughts on Gaming for Good         

 Part VIII – Final Thoughts, Looking forward, and Last Welcome

Part IX – Appendix 


To any interested party:

As of 2018 over two thirds of American households owned a device used exclusively to play video games and were home to at least one person who plays video games regularly.  This has left innumerable parents, siblings, spouses, grandparents and friends with major questions and concerns about gaming as a pastime. With presidents and politicians decrying the influence of games, and marketing numbers showing that gaming becoming one of the largest industries across the globe, many people are worried and confused.  And for those that try to approach the world of video games, the barriers to entry for this rapidly maturing form of art and media are very real, leaving many people uncertain and looking for answers.   

WELCOME TO GAMING is a fully completed, conversational, easy reading guide to the world, practice, and culture of video games, written for both the non-gamer and the gamer alike, meant for those who have—and love—the  gamers in their lives.  While many gamers know the material in this book, and scholars know the theoretical concepts, I have endeavored to bridge the gap between gamer, academic, and the normal mother, grandfather, sibling, or spouse. I offer a clear and accessible starting point to the pastime and lifestyle of the person they love and care for.

My name is Bethany Bone, and I am a gamer.  I am also a teacher, writer, and an exceptionally well rounded nerd.  I am a teacher of what are known as “doubly exceptional students” students, Incredibly gifted learners with a wide range of challenges including Asperger’s, Autism, Social Anxiety, and other challenges. This has allowed me to cultivate a broad set of communication skills with a focus on communicating to parents, about the most difficult and complex issues.  I know how to advocate against bias, how to speak to fearfulness, and how to cultivate understanding for the seemingly inaccessible. 

This book has simply come out of a passion for a hobby and the realization that for many kids and adults it is a dividing force when it could be a powerful one for bringing people together.  As a result I expect to market it in two ways.  For gamers, gaming conventions of all kinds welcome authors as exhibitors; I expect to exhibit at several. A single Penny Arcade Expo attracts 50,000+ attendees and hundreds of smaller conventions take place all around the United States and I would be interested in attending as many as possible.   For the non gaming side I expect to reach out to as many parenting and family focused resources and periodicals on as many platforms as I can.  Working with Scary Mommy and Fatherly alone would provide an audience of well over 100,000 parents. 

Welcome to Gaming is a fully finished book only needing a final copy edit.  While I seek publication I am working on chapters covering related topics that could be added, rolled into another book, or used as articles for generating interest. 

A book proposal, manuscript or anything else is available upon request. Thank you for your time and consideration. 


Bethany J. Bone